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    Finally order through your screenshots!

    Search, categorize and export information: Screenshot PRO helps you organize your screenshots

    An app to govern them all

    Screenshot PRO simplifies the management of your screenshots

    Search for texts inside your screenshots

    Search for the desired text and find all the screenshots that contain it in an instant.

    Protect your data

    All information will be protected thanks to code or biometric password protection.

    Free up space on your device

    Reduce your screen space by 60% while preserving quality and readability

    Add one or more tags

    Categorize your screenshots using tags and colors.

    Export the text

    You can export the texts contained in each screenshot by copying and pasting them wherever you want.

    Save your favorites

    Quickly access your favorite screenshots

    What users are saying

    "For me Screenshot PRO is one of the best app in the whole store. Works flawlessly and is really useful. Bravo to the developer! Thank you"

    — Orangina6666, Germany – App Store Review

    "بحث لقطات الشاشة ?"

    — Nora saud xmax, Saudi Arabia – App Store Review

    "Non avevo mai trovato un buon modo per organizzare gli screenshot prima, mi si apre un mondo con i tag! grazie agli sviluppatori!"

    — Jptapo, Italy – App Store Review

    "I’m in love with tags and search within screenshot! Great works!"

    — Gyjku, United States – App Store Review

    Try Screenshot PRO, it's free!

    Try Screenshot PRO, it's free!